1. Welcome to the PlanetBeacon website! If you would like to join our Minecraft server, use the IP address below.

Planet Beacon - Minecraft Server

Minecraft is our passion, we strive to be the best Minecraft server in the world, and we hope you join us.

Prison and Factions Banner.png
Hey whats up guys? As you may or may not know this is one of the biggest weeks for PlanetBeacon! With our release date set for Factions and Prison we are more excited than ever to show you this new Trailer (Made by Stacker). This trailer takes you into the thick and thin of the adventures that await and gives you a sneak peak of the excitement to come :). Thanks for your continuous support guys! And join us this Friday @ Play.PlanetBeacon for OP Prison and Factions!

Title says it all, 30% of Money-Crate Keys until 7PM CST. It's currently 4:09 PM CST.
Hi Everyone! Exciting stuff is coming to PlanetBeacon this week. I first would like to thank all the fantastic members that have stuck with us through thick and thin. You guys/girls are the foundation of PB, and that will never change.

For those of you who don't remember who FataL is, he helped get PlanetBeacon to the top. With him we reached over 1,000 players online at one time! He has offered to let us use his Factions & Prison server. Both have been on PB in the past, but they will be revamped and relaunched this Friday on PlanetBeacon.

FataLPvP is the name of this faction server. It will likely be named "Fatal Factions" on the PB hub, however his previous players will be able to connect from his domains as well. The same goes for Prison as well.

All previous donator ranks will be restored in both Factions and Prison. Your rank name may be different, however the price and perks of your rank will be very similar. Previous Guards will get a custom rank valued at $300. You can pick any name you wish*. (*Subject to approval)

We will do our absolute best to get everyone's ranks on this new server, however there will be a missing rank form for those who believed they had a rank previously and don't have it now.

Untitled-2 copy.png
Now, for the Creative update. We don't currently have a release date, however the staff and I are aiming for sometime next week. Likely a few days after the Factions/Prison release. It will include a new spawn, path design, new rank perks, (possibly) new rank names, and a brand new rank which will include disguises! More information will be released throughout the week, check back on the forums for more!
Click HERE if you have not received your Egg Award!
Hi Again, for those who don't know this was a second round for the PB Easter egg hunt. It was organized so member who missed the first one on Sunday due to family arrangements.

We thank you all for participating, and hope you had a fabulous Easter.

Q & A
Q. What do we win?
A. All members who collected at least one egg will receive
the 2015 Easter award on the forums. The top winners will not
get a pet. That was only offered on Sunday.

Q. What if I won both times?

A. The first time is all that counts. You will not get multiple awards or awards to give away to your friends.

1. Dragonraider123 - 124 Eggs
2. Coniculls - 93 Eggs
3. _BigMama_ - 92 Eggs
4. Katie_PvP - 87 Eggs
5. Mersadies - 84 Eggs
6. Church_ - 82 Eggs
7. Stacker - 72 Eggs
8. PietatoPlays - 61 Eggs
9. SurfingGiraffejp - 54 Eggs
10. JamCores - 52 Eggs
[COLOR=rgb(255, 0,...
Hi Guys & Girls, I hope everyone enjoyed the hunt. All the rewards will be given out tomorrow. (UPDATE: 5PM CST MONDAY *Today* Another hunt will be held, all participants will get the 2015 forum award as well.)

TOP 5 WINNERS (Staff Not Included)
1. _xMattisawsomex_ - 118 Eggs
2. Dragonraider123 - 63 Eggs
3. Floatingwerewolf - 44 Eggs
4. FentonFred - 39 Eggs
5. The_Pike_Master - 39 Eggs

Full List
New Release Skyblock 3.0

Join us on play.planetbeacon.com
SkyBlock has been reset today, well about two times today, let's find out what changed...

Everything! Prices are up, islands are different and we have a new spawn. It kind of reminds me of our old SkyBlock, about 1 1/2 years ago. The spawn was modeled off of the old one, the islands are kind of like the original and prices are very much alike. Our old Kits are back, too!

You can grab them by donating @ store.planetbeacon.com. We really appreciate donations. :shame:

A massive thankyou to the fellow staff members for working their butts off to get this going, it was a real team effort. We shouldn't have a reset for a year or so, so make sure you get in and get going, you want to hit the ground running.

Any questions, feedback or complaints can be posted in a reply or a PM to myself, Dan or PodgieBear (Stacker).

Thanks for reading and have fun playing!


P.S. We are working on other servers right now, too! Check for threads in the forum for ways on helping us create a server that everyone wants to play.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Where is my island????
A: We have to have resets every once in a while. Skyblock has only every had a few resets in it's very long 2 year life. We don't expect to have another reset until the end of this year.

Q: Why is _____ so EXPENSIVE?
A: Shop prices have been adjusted to attempt to make the game much more entertaining and in some ways slightly harder. Building an island shouldn't be possible overnight!

Q: My rankkkkkkk???????
A: Ranks should be just how you left them. If for some reason you don't have your rank which you purchased, please PM @D4nie3

Q: Can I have my money back????...
Hi guys,

As most of you know PlanetBeacon has experienced many ddos attacks throughout this weekend. We have recently patched these issues and ddos should no longer be a problem.
New Release /linkaccount
Hi everyone, a new command has been introduced to PlanetBeacon.

Questions will be answered below:

Q. What does this do?
A. This feature currently will only display your Minecraft username/head beside all of your posts. In the future we plan to provide much more forum integration, and this will be necessary to do that.

Q. What do I need to do?
A. First off, you must have a forum account. Go to our Minecraft server and type /linkaccount. In chat you will see a button to click. Once you click the button it should open a URL. Click confirm on our website and you're done!

Q. Why should I do this?
Having your Minecraft username linked to your forum account will help others identify who you are. It will also ensure you are the first to access new forum integration features!
New Release Supporter Rank
Today I am introducing a new "Supporter" rank for the PlanetBeacon forums. This rank signifies your support for the server, and all proceeds will be put toward forum hosting and other forum related expenses.

It doesn't come without perks! Below is a list of all extra perks you get over regular members here.
  1. Gold User Banner 2015-02-27_01-12-05.png
  2. 1425038238_DiamondOrange-20.png Supporter Ruby - A custom post rating that only Supporters can give.
  3. Can add profile cover image (250kb size limit)
  4. Edit custom user title message. (Text directly below username)
  5. Bypass flood checks and time limitations for posting/messaging/chatting.
  6. Add 10 members to a conversation. (Default is 5)
  7. The chatbox will save your chat color.
  8. Embed media like youtube videos, ect in your signature.
  9. View a list of users who have received an award. http://planetbeacon.com/index.php?help/medals
  10. Edit conversation messages any time. (Default time limit is 5 minutes)
Pricing Information
This upgrade costs $5 per month. You may choose to buy one month only, or you can start a subscription that will bill you $5 every 30 days.
(Click There ^ :cyclops:)​
Hi everyone, changes have been made to the forum. A complete list of changes/additions/removals can be found below. :angelic:

Recent Updates:
(Last 48 hours)
+ HTML5 attachment uploader. Upload multiple attachments by clicking "Upload" or dragging the files right into the text box!
+ Fixed thread titles on home page announcements. (Much better look)
+ Added additional caching to lower page load time.
+ All new rating icons
+ 70 new smilies :jawdrop:
+ Added join data, message count, and rating statistics to post bit. (The area to the left of your posts)
+ Changed Medals to Awards.
+ Changed Emerald Tutorial award icon.
+ Added "Member" user banner to all accounts.
+ Changed the background of posts to a light gray.
+ Added a box shape around each post on a thread. Now posts don't blend together.
+ Changed the post rating display in posts to a light blue color.
+ Changed conversation alert emails to only send one email per unread conversation. This will prevent the spamming of emails if a user makes many replies to the same conversation.
+ Add many new trophy point achievements.
+ Changed registration captcha to a much simpler solution. No captcha is needed anymore, just a click.
+ Added Facebook, Google (not finished), and Twitter login integration. These can be used to login and sign-up.
+ Changed username length limit to 16 or less. (Same as MC)
+ Changed forum font to Open Sans, Lucida Sans,TrebuchetMS, Verdana; (Not all computers have these fonts, the reason for multiple is for fallback if you do not have them installed.)
+ You will soon be able to link your forum and in-game account by clicking /linkaccounts in-game. Early on this will offer no functionality except displaying your MC name in your profile. You will still keep and use your forum name, and forum name changes will...