1. Welcome to the PlanetBeacon website! If you would like to join our Minecraft server, use the IP address below.

Planet Beacon - Minecraft Server

Minecraft is our passion, we strive to be the best Minecraft server in the world, and we hope you join us.

New Release New Pets!
Hi Guys! Two new pets have now been released on PlanetBeacon. Both the Rabbit pet and Guardian. There may be more to come, but for now we hope you enjoy the new selections.

These pets along with the 23 other pets are available on our webstore... Here.

New Release Skyblock Update

SkyBlock Update
Player Shop - The time is here! All players can now use our unique player shop system. This allows members to securely sell an item for whatever price they choose. Other members may then purchase your item through the integrated GUI where they can shop for good deals provided by players.
  • The shop has limits of how many items you can sell at one time as listed below. (Note these may be adjusted at a later time)
    • Default Members: 5 Items
    • Star Rank: 10 Items
    • Elite Rank: 20 Items
    • Matrix Rank: 25 Items
  • To prevent accidental buying, you will be given a confirmation screen before purchasing any items. Either click "Confirm" or "Cancel".
  • Items expire 48 hours after being put up for sale. This will help keep clutter out of the shop, and allow for overpriced or unwanted items to be automatically purged.
Change Log
  1. Minecraft Server Version 1.8.3 -> 1.8.7
  2. PlayerShop Added
  3. Tab Rank Colors (Still in progress)
  4. Multiple Plugin updates to be compatible with 1.8.7
  5. SB Level & Balance Leaderboard (Coming Soon)
  6. #hand currently broken. Speaking with the developer to hopefully resolve soon.

New Release Creative Update
Hey guys, whats up? Today is the day you've all been waiting for :). The Creative update is finally here! Within this huge update we're bringing a lot of new designs and perks.
In addition we're bringing new paths and a brand new spawn. Now you may be wondering, what perks have been added? Well, we've got an answer :).

Server IP:

View the Map
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NEW Perks added to ranks:
  • /P time <time> (This allows players to set the time of day individually)
  • You'll also be able to sit on stair blocks (Credits to @Mersadies for idea)
Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.29.45 AM.png
Magic Rank:
  • /headshop (GUI that makes it easier to navigate for skulls)
  • Access to Color Chat
  • /Rainbowarmour Helmet
Magic+ Rank:
  • Access to Color Signs
  • Access to teleportation disable /tptoggle
Magic+W Rank:
  • Access to /Ast and /AstTools (This allows you to customize armor stands)
  • Access to view Player name while they're in disguise
Wizard Rank: (Credits to @Mersadies for creation of rank)
  • Able to create 30 different plots!
  • Access to our VIP Plot World (124x124 Blocks)! Type /warp vip
  • Disguise as any MOB! /dis
  • Design Armor Stands any way you like! Move how their arms/legs/head is positioned! /ast
  • Use BLOCK TRAILS /trails
  • /Rainbowarmour armour (For color changing armor)...