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You can earn forum credits by making posts, Posting threads, Checking back daily, as well as getting likes for your content you post. This could possibly earn you FREE Ranks on the server.

Read Djmonkey97371's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by djmonkey97371, Nov 27, 2016.

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  1. djmonkey97371 New Member Member

    Mar 13, 2016
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    Last time i threw together my application in hopes of possibly getting staff, which was very wrong of me to do, as it showed my immaturity and laziness. I will admit, my last application was throw together, and it was done very sloppily. but lets get on with it shall we.

    Name: In Game: Djmonkey97371

    Time on server:
    I honestly could not tell you an exact time, and I'm not gonna try and say I've been on for a long time, however I have played on this server for a good amount of time, I remember playing when planet beacon wasn't actually planet beacon. I think I have been around on this server for around 2 or 3 years but I am not entirely sure about that. All I know is this is the server I have played the longest on. It has been time on and off, but it is the server I have stayed on the longest.

    Past Achievements:
    Previously in my time on minecraft i have been staff on two servers. One of said servers was a friends server that I was given admin to help with the building of the server, the other server I can't remember the name of. However, I worked my way from the lowest rank to admin on that server, up until the point that I had to leave the server because of the fact that there were other things in my life I had to do. More recently I was asked to help out on creeper__humans server that he had, I was given mod and then admin before the entire team left on account of him being a bad server owner. I don't know if that counts as an achievement, but it is some experience as staff.

    What I could bring to the server:
    This is a tough one, well to start off from what i know most people on the server know me, and I would hope that most of the players like me, I'm not certain of this though. I generally am a kind caring person, unless the time comes that I need to be strict. I think what i could offer to the server most is a player that most people know and hopefully get along well with, as well as being a nice caring person who will take the time to help a player in need.

    Why I should get it:
    I don't think I should have this position any more that any other person who has applied, and as a matter of fact I'm almost certain there are people who have played this server longer than me, and know more about helping a server than me, and that's okay. However, as I said in the previous passage, I feel as though I am a very well know player, who most people like. Combined with the time I have already spent helping players, and the time I will spend helping players, I could be a possible choice as helper.

    I thank you for reading this and thank you for the time spent in consideration (If any at all). This is my favorite server to play on, as I feel it has one of the best server communities, and i am very happy to get to be apart of the server community. I thank all the staff for what they have done and will do, and I thank Fatal, Nic, and Toot for their time spent on the server so we the players can continue to play on this server, and I thank the staff, new or old as they are also part of the reason the players have this server. I hope my application for helper will be considered. Thank you.
  2. blabpth Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Nov 11, 2015
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    Thank you for applying for staff! Your Staff Application will be under review! I wish you the best!
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