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You can earn forum credits by making posts, Posting threads, Checking back daily, as well as getting likes for your content you post. This could possibly earn you FREE Ranks on the server.

Read Dylana's Staff Application.

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Dylana, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. Dylana Member Member

    Dec 3, 2015
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    Hello, I would like to apply for helper. Here, I have listed everything you would like to know.

    How long have you played on PlanetBeacon?
    (forgive me, I must to use another servers name to explain how long I have played here.)
    I have played here ever since JuJuCraft cleared plots, and D4ni3, I believe, had our plots on PlanetBeacon! Which, if I'm not mistaken, later on became RubyCraft, then PlanetBeacon once more!
    If I'm correct, I have played here for about 3 years, and maybe 3 and a half counting JuJu. I must honestly say, there is no server like this one. The relationships here are very strong.

    Any past staff experiences?
    Yes, I have been staff on two other servers in my 4 years of Minecraft. One, I was ranked up to a Moderator and the other I was up to an Admin. All staff positions in which I have experienced have been a wonderful experience. I would like to be honest with you and tell say, that they were both smaller servers.
    One had about 45 players a day and the other had about 30.

    Describe yourself
    I honestly, am the type of person who try's my very best to fix things, it doesn't matter if its emotionally, physically, my buisness, or somebody else's if they ask for my help. I like to get things done, spend time with my friends and have the best attitude possible. I am also a Christian, but I do not offend others for their religious beliefs, but I do tend to defend myself, and try my very best to do that in the nicest way possible. I am a people person, or atlas through the internet. In real life I tend to get shy, but soon open up to people. I do my very best to make people laugh and say right things.. Sometimes, that involves typing a paragraph about a sentence, in a simple text, because I feel as if I said it wrong.. and want to avoid somebody taking it the wrong way. I am homeschooled, which helps me to have more time over the internet, with friends.. I do very well in school and art. If a friend of mine comes to me with something, I want to do anything possible to fix it. I do get along with people of all ages once I get past the whole shy part, but over the internet its an instant connection.

    Describe how you would like to make a difference in PlanetBeacon
    If I become Helper, I would like to... Well, help :D! After all, its called helper for a reason, right? I would like to be more social with players all over the server. I usually stick to creative, but I am willing to make that change. I believe the main part of being staff is to not only spend time with the players but help them with anything, no matter the situation. I would like to take any drama out of this server, thought our current staff has done an amazing job at that. Minecraft is a game built for fun and creativity, as I would be willing to share mine with other players. I would also like to help new players. Staff seems very enjoyable, though it isn't meant for fun and fun only. It's meant for helping with anything you are told, guiding new players as they join our server, helping them to be social and even spend time with them. I believe that every player should fit in just as players with special ranks do.

    Do you know the rules?
    Yes, I do my very best to follow them. I am not gonna lie, I used Auto Clicker earlier this month, but honestly, I was not thinking. I violoated an honest rule of no hacking. I would like to be honest and say that I did not know whether or not it counted as a hack, as I only used it for building, for a day. Before finishing the home I was building, I questioned staff about it and they told me it was not allowed. I have deleted auto clicker. How did it get on my computer? My brother use to play runescape, and he used it. I thought, maybe this could work for Minecraft, when my fingers start to hurt from clicking. xD

    Time zone?
    Central Standard Time. :D

    Something I'm proud of...
    for starters... The friends, I have made on this server, the relationships I have grown with many players, our beautiful staff members which we have now and etc. I could go on and on about the many wonderful things in life and social media, this server, etc,,. I am proud of the way this server has grown, and I am proud of all the player who have stuck with this server , the players who have became staff, for they deserved it and the opportunity to play here every day. But I am also proud of the little things, wifi, netlflix, even those mcfrappe's from mcdonalds.. Ik,ik, basic.

    Anything extra?
    First, thank you so very much for spending time out of your day/night to be staff on this server. Our current staff is very active, nice, social, and helpful. Also, thank you for taking time to read this. If I never stumbled upon PlanetBeacon I honestly would have quit Minecraft. I am very thankful I joined this server, and never have I ever regretted it. From back when people were making those crazy hacked boots, shooting arrows while using invisibility potion, to now, I have always enjoyed the Beacon Community. I do enjoy hanging out with my friends and building with them, and I also enjoy talking to our staff.I would like to say, I'duse any rank very maturely, for ranks come with responsibility. I would also like to say I play at-least 2-3 hours each day, if not more. I have recently joined discord, as of last night. If I am not able to play on my computer, I will be found on discord. Also, I am a 13 year old girl. Thank you for reading, and goodnight/morning 'cause its 1:07. Now excuse me while I go watch Grey's Anatomy. Forgive me if I have any Auto Correct problems, its very late and I'm tired... Now, GOODNIGHT!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
  2. blabpth Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Nov 11, 2015
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    Thank you for this wonderfully put Staff Application! I can really tell you put a lot of time into it (even though you wrote it at 1:07 :p) ! Your Staff Application will be under review!
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