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You can earn forum credits by making posts, Posting threads, Checking back daily, as well as getting likes for your content you post. This could possibly earn you FREE Ranks on the server.

Official Helper Mashup (Requirements, Info, Ect)

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Puggle, Dec 23, 2015.

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  1. Puggle Pug Member :3 Retired Staff

    Oct 27, 2015
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    Staff Applications
    Hey everyone :D, I’ll be addressing some questions and requirements to become a helper in this thread. This thread kinda combines all of our previous threads on becoming a staff member into one.
    What is a Helper?
    Helper is the first rank in our staff team, it’s someone who we have deemed mature and able enough to help out the community. A helper undergoes a trial ranging from a few days to a few months to become a Moderator, but it is just a trial. Not all helpers are accepted to become Moderators. Helpers help us deal with rule-breaking, reports on forums, helping out players, and just making sure that players have a great experience on Planet Beacon.

    What are the requirements of a Helper?
    To become a helper, there are a few basic requirements that you have to follow:
    A huge part of becoming a helper is to be active on the server, forums, and Discord. Requirements for activeness are here:
    -Discord is kind of a mixture of Skype and Teamspeak, so it’s very important to be active on here for communication with players and other staff members. (On how to join Discord click Sky’s post here).
    -You must have at least 15 messages on the forums to show your interest in the forums and server. It's preferable that you have 50+, since having high activity is very important as a staff member. (If you spam to get to this level, you will almost certainly be denied; these have to be good-quality posts and achieved over a decent period of time)
    -You must have been on the server for at least 3 months, and been on forums for at least 1 month.
    We look for just generally active players. If none of us have seen you on the server or on forums, then your application will be almost instantly denied. To become a helper we require you to spend time on the server, if you become a helper but are never active, then you will most likely be demoted.
    Being mature is a huge factor towards becoming a staff member. When you become a staff member, you are representing the server. Anyone who is constantly goofing off and never doing anything beneficial towards the server will most certainly not get the helper position/ keep the helper position. It’s alright to have fun with your friends, but don’t over due it. We want people who can make the best possible experience for players, not just by enforcing the rules around the server but by also being friendly and kind towards players. On forums keep your profile posts/ threads appropriate, neat, and polite. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with friends on forums, but it doesn’t mean you can post on forums with a bunch of useless spam. Remember, we won’t think twice about someone who seems too immature or risky!
    Not Ready
    “Not Ready” can mean a lot of various things. In some cases it means that you’re overdoing it with trying to become a staff member. In other cases it means that we’re not sure if you can handle the responsibility because we need to get to know you and your actions a bit better. But mostly “not ready” means that you haven’t stuck out very much as an applicant. Helper is a hard position to receive, so we want you to work for it!
    If you have had any sort of punishment in the last 3 months, your application will be instantly denied. We need people who understand and want to reinforce the rules, not break them!
    Becoming a helper requires you to have a good sense of grammar and spelling. Someone who fails to meet basic grammar and spelling rules on their application and somewhat throughout the server will not become a helper. It’s fine to use abbreviations and not be super strict about your grammar, most everyone does that, but there is still a basic requirement for your grammar levels.
    Lack of Detail
    Detail is also a very important because in the future it will help players have a better understanding of certain topics and we require thorough, thoughtful answers on your application.
    English is the main language among this server, and while it’s awesome to have multilingual staff members, we require them to have a very good understanding of the English language. If you don’t know English very well, fear not! Come join us on Discord and Teamspeak and you can talk with players on the server to try and get some practice!
    Other Notes
    Now that you have the requirements of a helper, here are just a few other things that you should know. While we are thrilled that we have so many individuals who want to help out the server, we can’t accept them all. If your staff application is denied, don’t worry, you can apply again and you can still help out! If your staff application is denied, reacting badly or quitting the server just shows us that you’re not ready for staff. We want players who still want to continue helping out the server and players even if their staff application has been denied. Also, asking staff members to read your application/ bothering us about it will be an almost instant deny. We look for patient individuals. Honesty is another key part of your staff application, anyone who is not honest in their application will also be almost instantly denied. We know when you’re being honest or not. Becoming a staff member is a big responsibility, and it’s harder than you think. (Please note this thread). Good luck to all who apply, and thank you all for helping out our server!
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