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Terarria the Hallowed Year; Chapter 3: Mission Briefing

Discussion in 'Post your Creations' started by GrunkleEnderman, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. GrunkleEnderman Forgotten Writer Retired Staff

    Oct 28, 2015
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    The long awaited update to Terarria the Hallowed Year has arrived. Hold on to your butts.

    If there was one thing that the Mayor liked, it was the Watchtower that stood right on top of it’s home. The Watchtower stood far above any building in the explored world, towering above the landscapes to do it’s prime duty. Act as the protector of Yamato by offering massive view over the surrounding lands, and act as a beacon to travelers searching for a safe haven. This task of watching over everyone was conducted by a single man, known as the “Watchman”.

    If there was one thing the Mayor was known for, it was not his naming capabilities.

    However, what made the Watchtower stand out was not its massive height, or it’s stable wooden structure. It was the base, made of glowing blue rocks that made of what has been categorized as “Stardust”, due to their resemblance to having twinkling stars on them. A full 5 feet of the base of Watchtower was covered by these rocks, which glowed bright enough to send the immediate surrounding area to appear like it was still daylight. It was one of the Mayor’s favorite spots in Yamato, one where he enjoyed to relax. Of course, with the recent Zombie attacks rendering the outer walls completely useless for now, the Stardust stones that made up the base were a bit scratched thanks to careless undead. Still, they shone on with their bright light, not even bothered by their slight scratches.

    However, today, the Mayor was the exact opposite of relaxed, as the Watchman, called Walmond by most people, noted. It didn’t seem like he was going to start getting cozy either, judging by how he was pacing back and forth around the illuminated grass.

    Walmond himself was… Strange, in comparison to the Mayor’s appearance. Where the Mayor was well dressed, rather thin, and clean shaven, Walmond was nearly the exact opposite. Wearing ragged armor with chipped blue paint, Walmond had the structure of a very large man. Not by any fat means, but my sheer muscle.

    “So… How long are ya gonna keep walking over there Mr. Mayor?” Walmond asked, his voice low and growly. He was sitting next to the Watchtower’s entrance, a beautifully crafted door. Another thing Walmond noted that the Mayor loved to do, make everything as nice looking as possible.

    Still, Walmond’s voice seemed to snap the Mayor back to reality, causing him to stop walking and turn to Walmond, shaking his head, “God, I need people to stop calling me just ‘Mayor’” he muttered, loud enough for Walmond to hear.

    That statement made Walmond smirk, “Alright, how ‘bout I call ya… Mr. Mircea?” Walmond asked, using the Mayor’s first name.

    For a few seconds, the Mayor said nothing. Then he said with a sigh, “Nevermind. Mayor is good”. After that, he looked out into the dark hills, “... Rather silent tonight. I don’t see any zombies around.” he stated out of nowhere.

    In response, Walmond pointing in a seemingly random direction, “Nah, they’re moving out there. Just not much. There’s one way out there, shuffling it’s rotten hide in the opposite direction.” He said, causing the Mayor to follow his finger.

    He still saw nothing.

    The Mayor sighed, turning back to Walmond, “... Anyway, I need to request a favor from you.” he stated, watching as Walmond immediately perked up.

    “Favor? From you? Jeez you're full of surprises today.” Walmond replied, then sighed, standing up from his resting spot, “I guess you want me to go somewhere?” he asked, seeing the small nod from the Mayor in answer, “Well, why? I’m the best person for this task of watching the hills, and without me the city’s security from all those wandering monsters lowers pretty well.” Walmond stated, once again getting a nod from the Mayor in response.

    “I know.” The Mayor replied, looking out into the darkness, “But as of now I require someone to go out and assist with a… Problem. I can’t get the other Guild Masters to do it, they already have their hands full. No, it has to be you Walmond.” The Mayor explained, turning back to Walmond, his mouth opening as though he was going to add something, then his gaze shifted to the city, “Ah, it seems they’re here.” he said, visibly relaxing.

    Walmond, on the other hand, looked confused, turning to see where the Mayor was looking, and seeing a single light coming towards them, and five silhouettes.
  2. GrunkleEnderman Forgotten Writer Retired Staff

    Oct 28, 2015
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    If there was one thing Cerise didn’t like, it was shameless flirts... Among many other things. When she first saw the man named Jason Veilhert, she had a good impression. He was fully uniformed, with a strange air of confidence. Even though the Hell Jumpers and the Hallowed Knights never got along, she had felt that she could at least work with this Jason.

    That was, of course, before he revealed his true colors at the sight of her. All that came afterwards was rather thinly veiled flirts, and the two other people named Andrew and Elric (three if you counted Andrew’s pet scorpion) didn’t even seem to mind it. In fact, Andrew seemed to find it hilarious.

    She didn’t, and so far had made a total of three threats to throw Jason in a lava pool.

    Still, Cerise was extremely thankful that the Mayor had chosen to wait for them by the Watchtower, instead of arriving a bit later and forcing her to continue to bear with Jason’s tomfoolery. In fact, she literally sighed of relief when she saw the Mayor’s form in the Watchtower’s light, along with the person she assumed was the Watcher.

    Seems that even the person in charge of what seemed like the entire world still had naming problems.

    But, Cerise still felt the sudden shift of moods in everyone around her just from the sight of the Mayor. Elric suddenly tensed, Andrew sat up straight in his rider’s seat, his scorpion even silencing it’s eternal clicking sound, and Jason shut up, finally.

    Then the Mayor and Watcher both turned towards the group.

    “Thank you all for coming. No need for introductions, we all know each other, so I’ll get straight to the point here.” The Mayor said, immediately getting straight to business, which actually surprised Cerise. She worked for Necron, who seemed to make a it a personal goal to make any meeting as dramatic as possible, and she thought the Mayor would be the same.

    Turns out she was wrong.

    Without waiting for the four to respond, the Mayor continued, “Recently, I’ve- We’ve, received several reports from both Ramii and Mar de Deus. Both said the same thing, more or less. Internal struggles within both colonies that required my presence. Obviously, I can’t be in both places at one, and with the sea being so… Well, restless, I can’t sail over there. So, I’ve decided to send two teams out. The first is a group heading towards Mar de Deus, the second, is you five.” the Mayor said, waving his hand to indicate all four of those he had summoned, including Sabaku, “Your five will head off to Ramii in my stead. Your task is to solve whatever problem is going on there. If you find anything completely out of place, do not hesitate to report to me. By letter, hopefully.” the Mayor stated.

    Then, as if remembering something, the Mayor added one final thing, “Walmond will be going with you, to act as a bearer of my authority. His status as Watchman will be enough to convince any politician that I’m doing the best I can.” the Mayor finished with a tone of finality.

    Walmond however, was not making it final.

    “Excuse me?!” Walmond exclaimed, jumping to an alert stance, “Repeat that Mr. Mayor?!” He asked, meeting the Mayor’s cold gaze, as if the latter had known this would happen,

    “I said, you will go with the group to act as a bearer of my authority, to make sure that-”

    “Are you friggin’ insane?!” Walmond yelled, stepping forward, “I’m the first line of defense this entire city has! Without me a zombie invasion could fall upon the city in the blink of an-”

    “Think about the wording before you try to one up me Walmond. The words you chose stated the first line of defense. What about the second line of defense? Or the third?” The Mayor asked, then continued before Walmond could retort, “I know you hate leaving your post, but trust me on this. It is for the best.” The Mayor said, staring into Walmond’s fiery gaze with his opposite cold eyes.

    For a few seconds, neither moved. Then Walmond sighed, “Fine, you win. I’ll go with them.” He muttered, “Let me get my stuff”. With that, Walmond spun around, storming into the Watchtower and slamming the door behind him, muffled, angry shouts suddenly erupting from behind the doors.

    The group of guild members, with Sabaku, merely watched the scene, going back and forth while the Mayor and Walmond argued. However, once Walmond stormed into the Watchtower, Elric stepped forward, even before the Mayor could turn to the group.

    “If I may, Mayor, but why not go to Ramii yourself? Why take all these steps to both send someone to help and keep yourself here?” Elric asked, his voice calm and even, mirroring the Mayor’s own normal tone of voice.

    In response, the Mayor sighed, “It would be best if I didn’t tell you everything in detail, but know that there is something that I need to investigate here that I fear will keep me from assisting either colony for a long while.” the Mayor replied.

    It was at this time that Jason decided to ask his own question, “Another thing. Why send regular Guild Members, especially ones from the Hallowed Knights and Hell Jumpers? We have a reputation of being close rivals.” Jason asked, though Cerise (and literally everyone else besides the Mayor) knew that he wasn’t bothered by being near Cerise at all, regardless of which Guild she was a part of, “And furthermore, why not send one of the other Guild Masters? They could do the job much finer than any of u-”

    “The reason I chose to send “regular” Guild Members is because I require the presence of the other Guild Masters. And to note, you are all not just normal, you’re the best that each Guild can afford.” The Mayor interrupted, “... I’m also surprised that you would voice a question about sending a Hallowed Knight and Hell Jumper, especially considering YOUR reputation, Jason.” The Mayor added, watching as Jason instantly closed his mouth with a visible frown, “Now anymore questions?” The Mayor asked, his eyes scanning over the group.

    Andrew raised his hand, the other gripping Sabaku’s reign, “Yeah, I have o-”

    Suddenly, the doors to the Watchtower flew open, with Walmond, once again, storming out, a rather large, light blue bow strapped around him, with a pack of arrows hanging from his hip and a large pack slung over his shoulder, “Save your questions for the road. Mayor’s busy.” Walmond said bluntly, storming past the Mayor without a glance.

    Without a flinch, the Mayor spoke once again, “To answer your unspoken question, it’ll take about 3 days to reach Ramii, if you hurry. You’ll all be compensated and rewarded when you return. Now I believe you should follow Walmond… He’s likely not going to wait long for all of you.” The Mayor stated, stepping to the side to give the group space to move past.

    It only took a few seconds for the group to get moving, each of them giving the Mayor a goodbye and both Andrew and Cerise giving him a good luck to whatever investigation (And Sabaku, if it’s gleeful chitters were any indication). The Mayor, in turn, watched the group struggle to catch up to Walmond, who was already climbing a second large hill. On the horizon, the sun finally began to rise, shedding light upon a day that, for those in the Mayor’s little circle, had been nothing but stressful.

    With a sigh, the Mayor turned from the new light, walking back towards the city.

    It was time to confirm something.
  3. Firepoke Landshark Un Panzer VIP Member Member

    Oct 28, 2015
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    i am waitying for chapter 4. more chapters please

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