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Crate keys have been added back to Skyblock server.


I have restored the Cops Server. You can join it from any server, by typing /cops


- FataL​
Official Teamspeak 3
Hello players of PlanetBeacon,

As of right now, we are in the process of taking down the PB Teamspeak server. We know that many players use the Teamspeak server quite frequently so we are providing an alternative: Discord. As mentioned in my original thread on Discord. Discord is essentially a better version of Teamspeak while providing us with a free server. Furthermore, Discord has many ways to communicate with players online and offline as well as staff. It is much easier for mobile devices since you don't have to pay to download the app. There are way more customizable options on Discord and it's easier for staff to talk to players and give out information as well.

Here is the link to my original post:

Once again, TS3 will be taken down in favor of Discord, we hope that you guys will like Discord just as much as we have so far. Furthermore, like I've mentioned in another thread, staff are more active on Discord and you can reach us there. Hope to see each and everyone of you on our Discord server.

The link to the Discord server is
Official Changes
PB Change Banner.png

Dear Community of PlanetBeacon,

Recently, we have made the decision to sell PlanetBeacon. The administration team wishes to move forward from ownership of a Minecraft server, which is why we decided to do this. We will be selling the server to @FatalDotPro, a former owner of PlanetBeacon. He knows how to run it, and many of you probably know him. I am sure he will do great! Fatal will bring lots of awesome updates, that many of you guys have been wanting. It looks like PlanetBeacon has a bright future ahead :)

I will also be resigning. I wish to focus more on school and my IRL life, rather than spend most of my free time playing Minecraft. I will miss all of you, but I will definitely come in and say hello once in a while.

- Stacker
Build Contest Banner.png

Theme: Village

1) Enter by providing the plot owners name or warp name so we can be directed to the plot when judging.
2) You can choose what type of village theme you'd like to develop.
3) You have until Feb. 13th to work on this project.
4) When entering for the contest please provide the names of all players on your team.
5) Limit Teams to 5 people! You can work on your own as well!


1 Team will be chosen winner!
Pet and Nicknames Tokens for each member of winning Team!
*All members on your team can only claim a prize if they have a forums account!*

*Please don't copy builds from outside sources*

Official PB REWIND | 2015

Thanks for a great year everyone!

- Stacker ;)